Are Upper Class Men Being Valued?

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Are Upper Class-men Being Valued?

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas or better known by its informal title, UNLV is known for being minutes away from the infamous Strip. It hosts the William F. Harrah’s College of Administration, ranked annually among the top hospitality programs across the country. As the school has grown and prospered, many problems have risen. As an upperclassman, among the many problems, that I feel goes unnoticed, is the lack of availability and resources for the upper division courses and its students. The classes are also disproportionate to students who are enrolled in general education courses as underclassmen. As an upper division student I feel that many classes are not open to me. In the physical sense they have open classes but there are such few classes that I feel can work with my actual work schedule. I feel as I talk for a good majority of the older students in the sense that we have other responsibilities to worry about. The courses offered and required for upperclassman normally are offered in the evenings with odd timings or schedules. They range between 4 in the afternoon until about 10 at night. With all of this is in mind, most people that work the swing shift or late at night, considering the odd hours and jobs in Las Vegas, would say that this kind of schedule wouldn 't fit or give them the tools to perform well in class or exams. The lack of available and qualified instructors to teach these classes is one of the main
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