Are Vaccines Necessary

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Are Vaccinations Necessary? Since the 1800’s, vaccines have been used to prevent diseases and illnesses. They are now considered a substantial asset to modern medicine; more than 10 million vaccines are given each year to babies, children, and adults. Vaccinations are one of the most effective ways to avert sickness, such as influenza, measles, chickenpox, and hepatitis A and B. The benefits have been proven to greatly outnumber the risks. Vaccination should be obligatory for all. A vaccine is a safe and effective method that allows the body to create an immunity to certain illnesses and diseases. When one is vaccinated, a weakened or killed germ is injected into the body and creates an “imitation” infection. This triggers the production…show more content…
It can cause meningitis or permanent paralysis, and can leave its victims in lifelong pain. Because of vaccines, poliomyelitis has been eradicated from the United States. Vaccines have completely eradicated a disease commonly known as “smallpox”. Smallpox was a highly contagious sickness that caused high fevers, rashes, and often led to death. If no vaccine had prevented this disease before 1996, about 5 million people would pass away every year (“Vaccines Bring 7 Diseases under Control”). Rubeola is another illness that has no treatment or cure. Rubeola, also known as measles, can cause fevers, rashes, malaise, and muscle pain. The immunity the body creates with the help of vaccines easily prevents this disease.
Vaccines are not only advantageous for those who receive them, but those who are not medically able to receive them. Vaccines provide “herd immunity”, which occurs when a large portion of the population is immune to a certain disease as a result of vaccinations. Because they are immune, there is a greatly reduced risk for those who cannot be vaccinated of becoming sick. “This includes children and adults with leukemia and other cancers, immune system problems, and people of all ages receiving treatments or medications that suppress their immune systems” ("What If You Don't Vaccinate Your
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Throughout their history, vaccines have prevented millions of deaths and continue to do so today. It is important that all people are vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities. Vaccines offer a dependable and efficient way to protect one’s self from fatal and dangerous diseases, and they have been shown to be a secure way to provide immunity.
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