Are Video Games Affecting Children's Amount Of Screen Time?

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Would you as a parent, limit your child's amount of screen time or gaming? Some people will argue that screen time for kids is not good for their still developing brains. They say that video games and television will “rot” their brains and that they will grow to be more violent and hostile (Scholastic). Some studies show that this isn't necessarily true. Research shows that people who play video games are actually more outgoing and physically active(McGonigal). Scientists and researchers Sy Mukherjee, Christopher Bergland and Peter Grey, say that with technology and gaming in our kids lives, then they can develop essential learning skills, and strengthen important traits like common sense(McGonigal). The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)…show more content…
Video games exercise academic skills and logical thinking ( Most games have you read text to complete a task and that forces you to read carefully. Not only does it work on reading text but you also read maps. If learning how to carefully read a map and text by gaming, then you could gain better reading skills and also learn new vocabulary ( Logical thinking skills are also exercised by gaming ( For example, you need to get into a building, but its locked, what do you do? If you can improve logical thinking through gaming then if can make people think for themselves a little more. Another thing that a lot of people use to train pilots and soldiers, is stimulations. Simulations involve screens. They experience what it's like to actually do their job and for other video gamers it's like getting experience with things you normally wouldn't be associated with in your daily life ( If through videogames and other screen related technology, you can gain experience with various sorts of things, then people will be more familiar with the things they encounter and will more likely be able to handle them. This is a big advantage of gaming. Because of this we should encourage
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