Are Video Games And Blame?

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Are Video Games to Blame? Video games have become a very popular everyday activity in today’s society. Video gaming is a booming business taking in more money than movies and DVDs. From young children, to teens, to adults, everyone is playing video games. I see the effectiveness of video games first hand. Three out of the five members of my family spend more time playing games than an average teen or adult should, and here is where I began to see the issue. My little brother is 7 years old and has been playing 17 and older games since the age of 2. He does seem to act out some, but that just means his case is not as severe as others. In discussions of video game violence, a controversial issue is whether or not video game violence causes behavioral problems in children. While some argue that as gaming actually makes people less violent, by acting as a safety valve, others contend that children exposed to violence are more likely to assume that acts of violence are acceptable behavior. Video games have become very advanced and realistic. While some games have educational content, many of the most common games stress negative subjects and stimulate: the killing of people or animals, the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, criminal behavior, disrespect for authority and the law, sexual exploitation, racial, sexual, and gender stereotypes, and foul language and obscene gestures. Violent video games have been blamed for school shootings, increases in bullying, and violence
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