Are Video Games Good Or Bad Essay

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Are Video Games Bad for You
Over the past decade, there are more than 90 percent of American children play video games for about two hours per day. It becomes really matter for parents to clarify if playing video games are good or bad for the health? Research has shown, there are many negative effects such as excessive television and video playing cause muscle pain, obesity, lack of vitamin D, sleep deprivation… which are related to video games playing. In addition, the effect of violent video games which were blamed to cause aggressive behaviors become a concerned by most of the parents and have been brought up to the Supreme Court. Parents request to prohibit video games which contain unappropriated content, can’t sale or rental by
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It is shown that when playing active video games, it increases players’ physical activity and it also increases heart and metabolic rate of players. Thus, many facility found out the benefit of active video games, for example, there are 765 “ Dance Dance Revolution.” Installed in West Virginia ‘s public schools to encourage children to do physical activity, especially those children who are over weighed (Primack, B. A.; Carroll, M.V.; McNamara, M,; Klem, M.L.; King, B,; Rich, M.l; Chan, C.W.; Nayak, S., 2012). The new wave of active video games can help the player to do more exercise and reduce obesity.
In addition, video games also been used to promote health related benefits. For example, it has been used to distract patient’s acute or chronic pain. It also been used to self-managing diabetes and self - managing asthma (Gomes, E. D., Carvalho, C. F., Peixoto-Souza, F. S., Teixeira-Carvalho, E. F., Mendonça, J. B., Stirbulov, R., & ... Costa, D ,2015). The new video games been used as a supporting psychotherapeutic treatment to improve self-esteem. For example, the anxiety of autism children ( Wijnhoven, L. W., Creemers, D. M., Engels, R. E., & Granic, I. ,2015). Nevertheless, Video game play is associated with improvements in hand-eye coordination, it has been used to train health care providers, such as “training surgeons in endoscopic skill”
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