Are Video Games Changing Us?

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Are video games changing us?
In 2008, 97% of twelve to seventeen year olds in America played video games, thus fueling the domestic video games by $11.7 million. Ten out of the top twenty best-selling video games contain violence. Many of these violent video games have been accused of incidents that include crime, bullying, and behavior problems. As the popularity of violent video games increase, more people become victims of behavior problems such as depression, aggressiveness, and addiction. Although video games were intentionally created for entertainment purposes, through studies and experiments it has been established that they are factors of behavior problems because of the active interaction people demonstrate while playing video
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The more violent video games that young adults play, the more they develop personalities which reflect risk taking, rebelliousness, and risky behavior. This type of behavior change in adolescents can lead to destructive habits such as excessive drinking, dangerous smoking, and reckless driving; which not only affects them, but can also cause harm to the people around them. In the second experiment, participants were told to play certain violent video games and after they were done they had to create a hot sauce for a taster who did not particularly like spicy food. The participants who played the more competitive video games, prepared a spicier hot sauce than whose who played lesser competitive games. This experiment proved that competiveness may be the main video game characteristic that influences aggression (Adachi). Through this experiment, competitiveness proves to be a great factor in the relation of violent video games with aggressive behavior, which strengthens the idea that violent video games promote behavior changes. In the third experiment operated by the American Psychological Association, participants were exposed to media content of risk taking such as extreme sports, and non-risk taking content. Afterwards, the researchers measured how willing participants were to engage in risky behavior. The results of this experiment proved that video games that glorify risk were

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