Are Video Games Making Children Smarter?

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Are video games making children smarter?
Video games have become a new form of entertainment that is gradually forming part of the daily life and increasingly taking the free time of children. Children under the age of five have a surprisingly ability to master new technology. From smart phones to tablets and video games, it is not unusual to see a child under the age of five intuitively slide the screens and press the buttons with security. Even parents enjoy the momentary peace produced by giving the child a small appliance to play, it secretly worries them that their child is suffering brain damaged by the time spend in front of the device. But apparently, video games are beneficial for learning and the more interactive the better. The great response that this medium has had is due to the fact that it contains action; it encourages competition and brings a real world by their images and sound.
A video game is an interactive application oriented to entertain through certain commands or controls to simulate experiences on the screen of a television, a computer or other electronic devices. A video game could also be defined as a computer, HD programs which connects to a TV system and integrates audio and video, allowing the user to enjoy fantastic adventures and sports, with their imagination users can fully explore. Video games differ from other forms of entertainment, such as movies, they are interactive; in other words users must actively engage with the content. To do
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