Are Vitamins Worth The Time Taking?

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Are vitamins worth the time taking? Today about half of all adults use some form of dietary supplement at a cost of $23 billion a year. Ever since Linus Pauling a Nobel Prize winner first promoted “megadoses” an essential nutrients 40 years ago, Americans have been committed to their

take daily vitamins. But Studies have shown that vitamins don’t make an impact in our health or help prevent chronic disease or prolong life. “I’m puzzled why the public in general ignores the results of well-done trials,” said Dr. Eric Klein, national study coordinator for the prostate cancer trial and chairman of the Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute. “The public’s belief in the benefits of vitamins and nutrients is not supported by the available scientific data.” Society spends large amount of money on their health. Labels and ads are very misleading and confuses the consumer.
Vitamins may not even benefit people but in their mind they think they’re doing so well for their body. Millions of dollars are used to project vitamins as the ultimate ordeal and key get rid of diseases when really the only way to fight off the diseases to have a healthier balanced lifestyle. It is shown that multivitamin can 't make up for bad diets. Researchers’ published new discoveries about Women’s Health Initiative did a long-term study of more than 160,000 midlife women. The data showed that those women’s health did not change from taking multivitamins from those who don’t pop…

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