Are We A Double Dip Recession?

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Are we in a double dip recession? Or is the recession finally over? Is economic recovery finally happening? Since the Great Depression breakdown that occurred in late 2007, that brought everything from job loss, to jobs shortage, busting of an 8 trillion dollars housing bubble, falling income and rising poverty; we still asking these questions to economists, the government and ourselves. But technically we are not in recession anymore. Economist would said that we are in recessions if for two consecutive quarters the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) decline. The GDP is basically the complete market value of all final products produced by a country’s residents in a particular year (Gross product originating: Definition and relationship to gross domestic product). GDP is a great economic tool to use as an indicator of output and suitable for using in estimates of productivity. While we might not be in recession, we sure are in a slow economic recovery. Since the government role is to create appropriate rules, provide the country with security, infrastructure and safety measurements to protect their people’s property; ever since 2007 they had engage in expansionary economic policies in an effort to move the economy out of a recession. There were the most forceful and prevailing fiscal and monetary policies in the history. Nevertheless to say that practically every single one of these policies initiatives remains debatable until this day, with opponents calling them injudicious,
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