Are We Affected By Nature Or Nurture?

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Nature alludes to the majority of the qualities and inherited elements that impact who we are from our physical appearance to our identity attributes. Nurture alludes to all the natural variables that effect who we are, including our initial adolescence encounters, how we were raised, our social connections, and our encompassing society. There are still arguments as to which in fact influences us. While we are being affected by both we are more impacted by nurture. Nature and nurture are big parts of our lives, we cannot have one with the other they shape who we are, however nurture is a bigger influence. It's like asking, how can we turn back from nuclear weapons? The technology is there. The genie is out of the bottle.''(Angier) Social…show more content…
Six-year-olds know better. These days, something like half of all medical students are female, and male applications to nursing school are inching upward.(Pollitt) From day one they direct their children and let them know what to wear, acceptable behavior and what they conceivably will be in life. Indeed, even as individuals experienced and us as children grow up we are still always on a regular basis are still advised what to do. Notwithstanding with regards to occupations we are told what we can and can't be. Can anyone explain why men are disapproved of being nurses? Why would that be a ladies' role in life?It is tricky to untangle biological from cultural factors: baby girls are often clad in pink from the day they are born and possibly treated and talked to differently than boys.(Bennhold) As we grow older we come to a more understanding of the world around us. Brain function is more developed everything is seen in a different light. Influences from the outside sources help them to see that it is possible for the females to be doctors and for the males to be nurses. Although at first nature made them think a certain way they were more influenced by nurture and their surroundings and were able to make changes and adjustments. Men in our culture, Dr. Pollack says, are pretty much limited to a menu of three strong feelings: rage, triumph, lust. ''Anything else and you risk being seen as a sissy,'' he said.(Angier) Masculinity is a leading cause of why men are self-destructive. They are more than likely to be in fatal car accidents due to the way they drive, fast and reckless. If they were to drive more carefully and a slower pace they think they would be considered wimps by others.They are taught from young to be strong and not show any
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