Are We Becoming Technological Zombies?

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Are We Becoming Technological Zombies? Society is evolving at an exponential rate. As humans, the need for technology is growing every single day, the use of this technology helps people through their daily tasks, whether it be checking the weather to know what to wear, or checking the calendar to see what meetings are on the schedule, to going to the factory and being around it and needing it for the job, such as producing cars on an assembly line. The need for technology as humans see, is growing, it is becoming more and more useful in the daily lives of almost every single person on the planet, but that is also the problem, is technology making the human race become one big zombie? Are humans as we see today becoming controlled by the computer? Or is the human race just becoming lazier and letting the computer and robots do everything?
According to the scholarly article Information Technology within Society’s Evolution: Society is based on communications, this means that every huge change that humanity has experienced derives from a technological discovery related to communications. Language and writing as the first communication techniques, have been followed by a series of technologies, such as printing, telephone, radio, television internet and cell phones, which are nowadays smarter than ever. (Rodriguez, Busco, Flores 70).
Ever since the earliest technological advances were seen, such as the printing press in the 1430’s, technology has been advancing very
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