Are We Finally Equal? Or Is It Merely An Illusion?

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Are we finally equal? Or is it merely an illusion? The dream of equality has been something that people have chased for years. And to some people we may have finally reached this seemingly impossible dream when it comes to gender inequality in the workplace and on the playing field. The world today can at times give the impression of not having any major problem with gender equality when work and sports are involved. This view is usually shattered when something like the women’s soccer scandal will rear its ugly head; forcing people to see past the pretty illusion that has been put in place by people who like the world the way it is. Men and women are not finally equal in the workplace and on the playing field. Most in a position of…show more content…
Improvements have been made and we have come a long way. But there has not been nearly enough to satisfy the claim that women and men are at last equal in the workplace and on the playing field. Change is happening all too slow to satisfy that statement. A major point of contention in the battle for equality in the office and the sports arena is the pay gap. While the pay gap may not be as big of a chasm as it has in previous years; it has not been fully suppressed. And even with work being done to try and fix this along with all the improvements that have been made, the estimated date when the pay gap will finally close is the year 2058 (Paquette.2015). It is a terrifying thought that women will have to wait over forty years to finally have the scales be balanced. And this is only the average waiting period for the US. The wait varies depending on where a woman is born and where she lives. Both Wyoming and Louisiana will have to wait much longer than is expected for women living outside these states. It will take generations to finally being able achieve pay parity with men for certain states with the waiting period ranging from only a little over forty years to sometimes over a hundred (Paquette.2015). This dismal prediction means that women have a long way to go until they even come close to being equal with men in the workplace. It gets worse when race is factored in along with
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