Are We Morally Responsible? Can We Be Held Accountable

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Are we Morally responsible? Can we be held accountable for what we do? In “ Peter Van Inwagen: The moral argument for freedom”, Inwagen explains his view on moral accountability. He strongly believes that we have moral freedom and have the ability to choose from right and wrong. Many Philosophers believed otherwise. Although it’s arguable, the most competent human being has the ability to judge their action before doing so and are aware of the outcomes. Whether you’re hurting someone or intentionally trying to destroy something. With the exception of those who are mentally disable, everyone has the ability to make such decision. Inwagen stated “... It is impossible for us to cease talking in ways that manifest a belief in moral…show more content…
His position can be argued, but with few reasons. The human mind determines if we have moral freedom. For example, I don’t believe that people who are cognitively impaired have the same freedom as those who are not. Their freedom can be limited because there is no sense of morality. But those who bear that sense have much freedom. Peter states “... It’s not clear to me what goes on in the mind of, say, the man who rapes and murders a little girl and afterwards feels no remorse”. In this case, i believe that there was freedom to commit such horrible act. As humans we are taught the difference between right and wrong. Such act was done for pleasure, and this shows that this subject had the choice to not harm the little girl. But this would deprive him of the self gain which is why he took that route. Inwagen’s argument has valid reasoning and doesn’t show any interest in the opposing argument. But this man’s free will shows that not all people have free will, such as the little girl. Her free will is taken away from that man. One who is against Peter’s stance would argue that, as I stated, the mind has a lot to do with our moral freedom. The mind of a child as well as the mind of the mentally disabled, I believe, doesn’t have the capability of analyzing what’s good and what’s bad. Therefore Inwagen’s argument isn’t fully accurate. Though he has good reasoning,
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