Are We Playing Video Games Is Not A Sport?

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Sebastian Segura
Professor Ryan Siemers
English 1301
28 April 2015 eSports Aren 't Sports When you say "eSports should be broadcasted on television like any other sport," the response is inevitably: "You do know playing video games is not a sport, right?" I am totally okay honestly with that response. Some people may argue that eSports is more of a sport than some sports that get mainstream coverage and are widely considered sports, sports like Nascar, golf, cheerleading, bowling, and fishing. eSports feature live competitions between teams performed in front of an audience of thousands in person and millions watching from home every week. Some people find the need to tell you "An eSport does not belong on Television because it is not a sport." These people are honestly right on the fact of it not being a sport but clearly do not watch any eSport. eSports does not pretend to be a sport, instead it is a competition and it knows it but if you look at it from the business side of things, you will see that an eSport has more in common with football than it does with chess. Financially, eSports brings in revenue like no other thanks to the loyal and strong fan base it has built over the years. This fan base will buy jerseys, tickets, items endorsed by the players, etc... Just like the sports on TV. The popular game League of Legends made its developer (Riot Games) $964 million between January 2014 and September 2014 according to an article from This amount…
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