Are We Prisoners of Our Past? The Impact of the Past on Our Future

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Are We Prisoners of Our Past What impact does past has on our future I am a Vice President of company with the name' "Technology Systems" specializing in computers and peripheral equipments. Two years back, we decided to do a merger with one of our competition as the global recession had a crunching effect on our business and the only viable solution ensuring sustainability was this merger. A lot of question arose while we were going through the planning phase. I was asked by the board of directors to work out the plan entailing this merger as I already had a similar experience in my last organization. I couln't help not separating this phase of my life from the one that I encountered in the past. What Kiet De Vries, said about people being prisoners of their past, seems rather true now. Our past defines the meaning of life for us. People who have learned well from their past are effective leaders who provide hope, imagination and motivation to their team. It is only great leaders who learn from their experience and utilize their lesson in developing healthy teams and effective organizations by inspiring their team members at personal level which makes them derive the best results out of their team. Organizations may fail if they employed people who don't learn from their past lives, in fact make their past hold them back, despite all the resources and opportunities available. If the employees of an organization are driven by the weaknesses their past life has sown in
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