Are We Really Free?

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In the essay, “Work Rules” by William Grieder he talks about what it is like to be an American worker in our society. He poses a question, “are Americans really free?” (Greider) This is a tough question to answer, what is our definition of free and how is freedom accomplished? Do we have more freedoms than the older generations? What roads have been paved for us and what disadvantages are we facing now? Grieder’s bottom line in this article was that communication is key for a successful business, is that accurate? These are all questions that after reading “Work Rules” I wanted to know more about, I investigated my own family’s history, and in doing so made some revelations of my own. I come from a long line of extremely interesting …show more content…
Grieder makes a good point about this when he says, “for the persistent and growing inequalities of income and wealth, a lopsided and self-interested distribution of rewards by those in charge that redundantly favors those who already have great accumulations. It produces many stunting effects on people’s life experiences that show up as stressful demands and insecurities imposed upon workers, often ensnaring well-paid professionals as well.” (Greider) pg.253) my grandmother’s job was taken only to benefit the doctor’s wealth.
My Dad’s mother’s business was so successful through their life not only because of both her and my Grandpa’s ambitions, but because they were successful communicators in both their business and relationship. I don’t think that a business like theirs would last today. They relied on small businesses and relationships they had built with shop owners. They would restore something and sell it to someone they had a good working relationship with, or an antique store they knew or had done business with in the past. This was the beauty of young American businesses when built in America was something to be proud of. As Grieder points out, “Self-ownership was the road not taken in American history. The cultural memory still enshrines independent yeomanry-the small farmer toiling his own fields- but the modern organization of work largely obliterated those values.” People can now find already restored items through

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