Are We Socially Intelligent?

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Are We Socially Intelligent?

Francis Pangfei Lai


It was Daniel Goleman’s book “Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships” that started the author thinking on the relevance of social intelligence to property professionals. In the course of practicing as a property consultancy and lecturing at various universities over the years, the author notices that a property professional tends to lack the many soft skills of emotional and social intelligence. In this paper, he advocates the need to include such soft skills of ‘social intelligence’ as an essential component in the training of future property professionals.

The term ‘we’ in the title therefore refers to property and real estate professionals such
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In the words of an editorial review from Publishers Weekly,

“Goleman persuasively argues for a new social model of intelligence drawn from the emerging field of social neuroscience. Describing what happens to our brains when we connect with others, Goleman demonstrates how relationships have the power to mold not only human experience but also human biology. In lucid prose he describes from a neurobiological perspective sexual attraction, marriage, parenting, psychopathic behaviors and the group dynamics of teachers and workers. Goleman frames his discussion in a critique of society 's creeping disconnection in the age of the iPod, constant digital connectivity and multitasking. Vividly evoking the power of social interaction to influence mood and brain chemistry, Goleman discusses the "toxicity" of insult and unpleasant social experience as he warns of the dangers of self-absorption and poor attention and reveals the positive effects of feel-good neurochemicals that are released in loving relationships and in caregiving. Drawing on numerous studies, Goleman illuminates new theories about attachment, bonding, and the making and remaking of memory as he examines how our brains are wired for altruism,
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