Are We There Yet?

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“Are we there yet?”
“Now are we there?”
“Do you want me to turn this car around?!”
Brothers are annoying. I’m fairly certain my mother agrees, based on the way she’s sighing with exasperation. I swear, we’ve been in this car for eternity. Supposedly, grandma’s house is only 45 minutes away, but it seems like we’ve been in the car for years! Grandma lives near a lake halfway between Lawrence and Kansas City, where I live. For one last celebration before school starts back up again, my family decided to go on a trip there. Usually, I look forward to grandma’s, but my nuisance of a brother was ruining the trip already. He thinks he’s being funny continuously asking “are we there yet?”, but the rest of the family is already weary of
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“Emma,” my father calls from the front of the house. “Come help us bring in the bags!” In my excitement I had forgotten all about the luggage we had brought.
“Just a sec!” I called back. Taking one last look at the beautiful lake, I turned to go help.
After saying a quick hello to grandma and leaving our stuff in our rooms, we thought it would be best to hurry and go swimming, so we’d have a full five hours until it got dark. When I first stepped onto the sandy beach the sand tickled my toes and I giggled happily. I could hear the waves gently lapping the shore and I could smell the murky waters. I ran without hesitation into the water and was content. Some time later, my brother and I were going to go tubing with the help of our father and grandma’s boat, so I was very excited. I planned on filming the whole thing with my phone so I could show my friends back at home. My phone’s waterproof so I’m pretty confident it can handle a little spray of water, though I don’t plan on dropping it. While our parents had all the preparations made Zach and I went out to the dock to look out at the lake.
See, in my family we have this game we play at the lake where we’ll pretend to push one another into the lake. Only sometimes do we actually push them in, but it’s fun to pretend. While I was caught up in how
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