Are We an Overworked Nation And Does Money Make Us Happier?

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Are We an Overworked Nation And Does Money Make Us Happier? I was driving to school the other day, when I heard some sort of a public survey on the radio. The question was simple - ''How long has it been since your last vacation?'' One couple that called, claimed to have gone for about 4 years without one just to save money and buy a new house. So is it normal to work non-stop and set the priorities on money and material goods, or are we just an overworked nation of consumers, who can't take a break from the cycle of making-spending money? One can distinguish a few reasons of why people choose to work long hours. Some are struggling to make ends meet, they have little choice but maintaining three jobs to support their families. Many are in constant fear of losing their jobs, so they may work more and take less vacation time to impress their boss by being a hard worker the company can't afford to lose. Some of us are very competitive, driven by desire to be the best of the best. There is also a group of workers, who simply love their job, and in it they find escape from family and other personal misfortunes. So looks like not everybody who spends most of the time working is unhappy about it, and there is such a phenomenon as '' a happy workaholic”. Ronald J. Burke, Professor Emeritus of Organization Studies at Schulich School of Business, York University, states, that ''There is evidence, however, that managers and professionals in "extreme jobs", jobs in which they
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