Are We or are We Not Alone in the Universe?

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There are various ways one could meditate on the question above. One, you're either a complete skeptic who disregards any theory that doens't fit the standards of your beliefs or rather what you were raised to believe in, two, you're not really interested to know anything about the subject and feel quite comfortable keeping ignorant in the matter, and three, you're considering the possibility that everything is possible. For me, it was never an issue of whether or not we are alone in the universe, but rather if we are truly prepared to accept that such a thing is possible. To hold on to the idea that we are alone in the universe, especially with all the development of technology and new discoveries, is the same as saying nowadays that the Earth is flat. Not to mention that, when you reflect deeper on the idea, the thought itself becomes unbelievable just as when you say your name so many times that it turns into nonsense or, the same applies, when you start wondering if a spoon wasn't really a knife.
Because we have gotten so much used to the idea that we are alone in the universe or, I would rather say, because of the fact that we have never truly been encouraged to consider life on other planets, the very thought, all of a sudden, seems to unease certain people and to frighten masses. This effect has also been induced by the number of movies portraying extraterrestrials as potentially dangerous and threatening. The number of…
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