Are Weight Losing Programs?

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Where there is a will, there is a way! The body achieves what the mind believes. This hold very true for all weight losing programs. Because it is a battle of wills between the mind and the matter, unless and until you are strongly motivated enough, there are enough distractions out there tempting you to deviate. Even acknowledging all the reasons that made you want to lose weight may not be enough to keep the motivation going on strong till you reach the target. There can be several interruptions and temptations both in diet and workouts in your path to hinder your progress towards the goal. This can be deliberate due to a decrease in the previously strong motivation, or plain simple lack of knowledge as in doing something in the wrong way. Let us take a look at these situations. # When the intent is without any incentive, the motivation will not last long, especially when you are not ready to lose weight but are doing this for someone else under pressure. So analyse why you are doing this. It should be for yourself first and foremost. Otherwise the chances of you quitting half way through are very high. # Unrealistic targets can put you off when you fail to reach them. When you feel disheartened, the motivation also wanes off. So set small achievable goals initially to help boost your confidence. Learn to appreciate your own efforts. This pride in your achievements should see you to your final goal. # It has been proved scientifically that, obese persons do get a craving

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