Are Women Better Leaders Than Men - Essay

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Why women make equal or better leaders than men. Just the thought that women make equal or better leaders than men stirs an immediate controversy. Both men and women know they will offend or step on many toes, especially those men who believe that it’s a man’s world. Everything considered equal, consider the thought. Although there are not any concrete studies on domestic leadership, there are examples throughout history that suggest, at least without her support, his career may not have been successful. This writing looks at the concepts of gender differences in learning styles, women in business and how the general public views female corporate executives.

Why Women Make Equal or Better Leaders than Men

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Males learn best by thinking and watching. Females learn by practical applications and doing. “Education psychologists and researchers found that girls tend to have higher education standards than boys. Girls are critical of their own performance and look to find ways to please adults or person(s) of authority. Conversely, for boys unless the item or material interests them they would be less interested.” Education priorities are generally dictated by society and family norms. There is a stark contrast in what it takes to motivate boys and girls to learn. “Context enhances learning for girls…while “confrontation works well for boys.” (Algoe, 1979) Merriam Webster’s dictionary definition of context is the condition or environment in which something exists or occurs. (Algoe, 1979) Based on learning styles and environment young ladies are more likely to go to college than young men. In today’s society, six out ten women receive college degrees. In 2009 the number of women CEO’s totaled 13. Michael Gurian and Barbara Annis offered their viewpoint from several years of experience in the business world. Men and women CEOs tend to handle situations, i.e., meetings, mission, goals, profit margins, differently. For example, while in boards meetings men are more likely to become pre-occupied with other things that they are not actively participating in since their brains are designed to enter a rest state
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