Are Women More Emotional Then Men

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Are Women Really More Emotional Than Men? Generally speaking women are seen as the more emotional ones, but all human beings are full of emotions…including men. Both men and women have the same types of emotions but they are expressed in different ways. When I first read the article I chuckled because I have heard the same things many times before as I am sure most women have. My reaction was not one of anger or frustration because to some extent I agree that women can be more emotional then men. I thought back to my very first boyfriend when I was in high school and when we broke up how distraught I was. I cried and I didn't eat very well. It was like something inside me shut down. I constantly questioned myself, wondering what I…show more content…
It's a given that culture powerfully influences thoughts, emotions and behaviors. "Culture is an important part of our blueprint for operation within our physical and social worlds. We are an insecure species and culture offers us a reduction of anxiety through its standard rules of thought, emotion and behavior. Culture offers predictability in an often unpredictable world. We see things through a cultural lens that tints, magnifies, shrinks and otherwise shapes our perceptions. Our culture is a mindset that we developed during childhood socialization. The structural integrity, coherency and stability of our personalities are rooted in our culture. It is for these and other reasons that intercultural interactions can cause anxiety and arouses emotions." I can remember an incident very vividly that involved my friend from grade school named Danny Kiomoto; Danny and I are still very good friends to this day. Danny and his family lived in Hawaii for 7 years before coming to the US. Prior to Danny's family going to Hawaii they lived in Japan for 5 years. One day Danny and his mother attended a parents' day meeting at school. I remember the teacher praising Danny for his excellent work but Mrs. Kiomoto started criticizing Danny in front of the whole room, referring to his poor time management
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