Are You A Christ Led Leader?

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Are you a Christ led leader? Anyone who is striving to become more like Christ is called to lead in some way or another, whether that be as an Elder on the church board, a Sunday school teacher, a stay at home mom or even a businessman. Guiding others toward God is accomplished by learning and applying what He is teaching you. One of the ways to understand how God translates into an overloaded life is by reading books such as Spiritual Leadership by Henry and Richard Blackaby. In addition, leaders would profit from studying Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders, Experiencing God also by Henry and Richard Blackaby, The Bible and Bible Commentaries. Through the diligent study of these books, the leaders of today would learn principles of excellence. Understanding the leader 's role, how God matures leaders, how God works in leaders lives, where leaders get their vision, how leaders communicate their vision, and the leaders influence, will help develop character. Examining these principles with a heart for change will help any leader, regardless of rank, become more Christ-like resulting in more effective ministry.
One: The Leaders Role
Following God’s Agenda There are many elements that play into the role of a spiritual leader, but the idea of moving others to align themselves with God and His Word is of the utmost importance. Prayer is the most influential tool a leader can use, only the work of the Lord can change the hearts and minds of people. Following God’s agenda…
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