Are You A Fan Of The Iphone Or Galaxy? Essay

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Are you a fan of the iPhone or galaxy? For example, you are a fan of the iPhone. By selecting iPhone, you took a position. Now as an iPhone fan would you buy a Samsung galaxy phone? Most likely not, even though both phones have almost the same features. When it comes to marketing, it is almost the same. Marketers position their products to appeal to its certain demographic consumers. They try to create an image of their brand that they want their consumer 's to accept. If marketers successfully done that then they will be able to create a place for their product 's in the mind of a consumer. When consumers will think of this product, they will think of having a certain style, characteristic, feature and position. Therefore, product positioning is very essential for a marketer because his/her products success largely depends on this. In figure 1, we see there are only one product which is cereal and it has two attributes taste and crunchiness. Also, there are only two companies that are producing and selling cereals. One company (x) sales tasty and another company (y) sales crunchy cereal. Most of us like our cereal crunchy and tasty. However, in this scenario whichever company’s product we choose, we are losing other attribute for the most part. For example, if we decide to have crunchy cereal, then we have to give up its taste attribute. On the other hand, if we decide to have tasty cereal, then we have to give up crunchiness. By definition, the marginal rate of

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