Are You A Racist?

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Are You a Racist? [Editor’s note: The compiler of this list of definitions has not made any of them up. He has seen such people called racists in various books and articles.] You are a racist if you are White and you meet one of the criteria below. Actually, according to criteria 7, all Whites are by definition racists. However, Blacks by definition cannot be racists even if they satisfy several of the criteria below unless they are labeled an “Uncle Tom.” Furthermore, by definition people of color (American Indians, mestizoes, Melanochroi [people of India, Pakistan, Arabian peninsula, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Sahara Desert], and brown Turanians [people of Farther India, the Philippines, and Pacific islands], and Indo-Australians)…show more content…
They promote a racially destructive multiracial society. Racial nihilism is a form of universalism that seeks to absorb all the diverse races into one vast indistinguishable mass. [Richard McCulloch, “Right and Wrong of Racism.”]) As Negroes and people of color are far more race conscious than Whites and as they promote the interest of their own race, they cannot be racial nihilists — yet by definition, they are not racists either. A racist is: 1. a person who claims or believes that one race is innately (genetically) superior to another race, which is the classical and original dictionary definition, e.g., Blacks are superior to Whites in surviving and reproducing in low latitudes because their pigmented skin prevents ultraviolet light from destroying vitamin B-12, which is necessary for reproduction; 2. a person who claims or believes that his race is superior and, therefore, claims or believes that it has the right to rule the other races, another dictionary definition (this one is similar to no. 1, but with the addition of ruling); 3. a person who claims or believes that one particular race is better than another, another dictionary definition (this one is closely related to no. 1; however, believing or claiming someone is better does not necessarily mean believing or claiming that he is superior); 4. a person who claims or believes that human races have
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