Are You Afraid Of Needles?

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Are you afraid of needles? Can you imagine yourself perking your finger every day for the rest of your life? I can’t. With Diabetes this is your reality. Many people around the world have this complicated disease. One of my first memories of this disease, was when my grandmother’s blood sugar was very low. She started to shake, fainted and my aunts ran over to give her a shot. Later through the years I found out that they gave her an insulin shot and that my grandmother had Diabetes. This disease runs in my family, but I realize that I do not want to develop this disease. With information I have been able to prevent myself from developing this disease. I have a 60% risk of become diabetic at some point of my life, which is why I keep track of what I’m eating. I try to exercise as much as I can but mostly I stay away from unhealthy choices. My hope is that with the information I will share with you, that you would not have to endure this terrible disease, which is affecting more people every year. Some of the reasons why there is so many people living with diabetes is because they do not have enough information to recognize the different symptom’s and signals that the body will show. Information is key! Today I will cover the history of diabetes, the types and the effects of diabetes.
First, in order for us to understand diabetes, we need to look into the history of it. According to the article “The history of Diabetes” by Dr. Ananya Mandal , Clinical features similar to
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