Are You Lying? Body Language Can Tell. Research Essay Final.

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Are you lying? Body Language Can Tell
Research Essay Final
Rieko Kawamura
Hawaii Community College

This paper investigates thirteen published online resources that reports from research conducted on the relationship between body language and communication and the effectiveness of body language. The websites, however, provide different points of view, Farouk(2009), Suler(2017), and Whitburne(2014), mentions about eye contact to make better impression. Other resources, Borg( 2015), Farouk(2009), and Widrich(2016), and define lying differently and therefore, offer different examples of body language by lying. The last point by FBI(2012), Suler(2017), and Mlodinow(2013) is body language patterns to understand others. This
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Body language creates large impacts on communication with others from school, business, and family.
While you are having conversation with people, the first body language you notice is eye contact. ”This helps show respect to the other person talking to you or friends around you” (Farouk, 2009). Making eye contact is effective to give a better impression to others.“However, eye contact can make people nervous when they feel the attention from other person for a long time” (Whitburne, 2014). How eye contact is made, makes correct and comfortable communication. People need understand the facial area of positive eye contact and the importance of it. Imagine the area of two eyes and nose on the person’s face and draw a triangle among the three points. It lets them and yourself reduce the stress to make eye contact, however both parties can still make good eye contact. However, when you look at their face for a whole hour, the communication becomes uncomfortable. Too much eye contact causes pressure to talk with each other. The amount of eye contact is significant for effective conversation to make it comfortable for both speaker and listener. If the speaker often looks at the triangle area during the conversation, the conversation keeps a good atmosphere. This makes both the speaker and listen feel more comfortable to talk by using correct eye contact. In another way, making eye contact can change your

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