Are You Nervous For Jr. High Can Be A Nasty Place?

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Are you nervous for Jr. High? Does your heart race at the speed of light when someone merely mentions it? Well, you don’t have to be scared anymore. I’m going to show you how to survive these intimidating three years, including everything you need to know for Jr High. There are many, many things you must know to survive, but two main things are being social and having study skills. I will introduce these mandatory rules to you. Jr. High can be a nasty place. Notice how I said can? You control how you are going to handle it. A very important thing you need to have is study skills. You need to pay attention in class and not slack off or you will not understand what you’re doing. Procrastination is also a huge issue in Jr. High and that is not a trap you want to fall into. Without academic success, middle school can turn into a dark, dreadful place. You won’t want to come to your classes anymore because they have become exceptionally demanding. Having study skills will help you succeed and maybe exceed expectations. If you study for every test and quiz and you do all of your homework right when you get home, your life in Jr. High will be so much easier. Take it from me, a professional procrastinator myself; do not keep your homework until the last minute and have good study skills! As important as academics are, it is equally important to be social. It is proven that when you don’t have friends and are only engulfed in schoolwork or other things, you will not be
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