Are You Okay? : Book Goes By Chapters- 15 Chapters

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Title: Are You Okay?

Author: Isabella Dream

Pages: Book goes by chapters- 15 chapters in

The characters in this story are Isabella Dream, Jake Gray, and Mother (Isabella 's mom) Father and John Hare

Background- Isabella and Mother were once rich. With their long gone dad/divorced husband. After school Mother or Father, usually picks up Isabella from school. This time it was Father. Father Picked up Isabella from school and went home. Only to find out that Mother had another boy home. He wasn’t just home Mother and John were upstairs on the bed, messing around. At that moment Isabella heard her dad yell like never before. She came rushing upstairs only to see what she could never unsee. Father took Isabella and as many things as Father and Isabella could, took the car and left. A few days later Mother called Father and said, "The police are on their way to bring me back Isabella, and there is nothing you can do about it."

Motivation- After mother called Father he didn 't approve and said "Take this to court". They did. Another few days later they were at court. At the end they have decided that Mother has full custody over Isabella and took her home. So. Mother took Isabella and moved a few states North. Where she is to start a new school. When she gets to school she already has weird look from people. Jake Gray who she has her eyes set on. Jake and his friends make a bet that Jake can 't get the new girl (Isabella) to go out with her.

Setting- Monday
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