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Are you planning a trip to Europe? Are you interested in history and ancient architecture? If you are going to Europe, don’t forget to visit Turkey. And once you get to Turkey, don’t get stuck in Istanbul, because you need to make sure you go and visit Ephesus. Ephesus is a city that’s rich in Greek and Roman history, with many prominent attractions and ruins that you won’t want to miss. History Ephesus is an ancient Greek city that was founded on the coast of the Aegean Sea during the 10th century BC. It was founded by Attic and Ionian colonists on the former site of the Arzawan capital. The Romans gained control of Ephesus in 129 BC, at which time the city began to flourish. Estimates place the population of the city at around…show more content…
Ruins of all of these ancient structures are still in place for you to enjoy. From 1304 to 1425, Ephesus was part of the Ottoman Empire. Although the city was dying out with the loss of its seaport due to sediment, another worthwhile feature was built during this time. The Isa Bey Mosque was built from 1374 to 1375, and remains standing to this day. This is another fantastic building in Ephesus you won’t want to miss. Christianity played a large role in the history of Ephesus, and there are several significant sites remaining that people of all faiths will enjoy seeing firsthand. The apostle Paul was said to live in Ephesus for two years, where he was active in the group of Jewish Christians in the community, and was said to have written 1 Corinthians while imprisoned in the tower near the harbor there. John, one of the chief apostles, was also said to have written the Gospel of John in Ephesus from the years 90 to 100 AD. It is also widely believed that the Virgin Mary spent the last years of her life in Ephesus. The House of the Virgin Mary still stands in Ephesus, and is a popular pilgrimage destination for Catholics, and has even been visited by three popes. The Church of Mary is another important site in Ephesus, with some pillars remaining standing to this day. Other important sites in the Ephesus area are The Gate of Augustus, the Basilica of St. John and the Tomb of John the
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