Are You Regulatory Compliant

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Frozen and chilled meats, dairy products and other food items that must be kept at adequately cold temperatures are transported via refrigerated trucks. These specialty trucks are designed to maintain a constant temperatures while they are being transported. They are well-insulated and equipped with large refrigeration units and fans that circulate the cold air. If your company ships perishable foods, there are three things you should ask refrigerated transportation carriers before you decide to partner with one.

What's Your Experience Level?

The very first thing you should ask a carrier is what level of experience they have transporting the type of products you ship. The last thing that you want is an inexperienced carrier to take responsibility for your perishable goods. A refrigerated carrier that has been around for several years, serving companies such as yours will know how to manage your shipment and mitigate
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Beginning on March 31st of this year, all refrigerated trucking companies are required to abide by the newest regulations handed down by the FDA for the safe transportation of food products. While some carriers may already be completely compliant, others may not be. It is vitally important that any carrier you do business with not only understands the regulations, but also does everything in their power to continue to be compliant. Not only does this protect the food supply from contamination, it also assures that your company does not suffer negative impacts due to improper storage and handling of food items.

Your business simply cannot function properly if your refrigerated transportation company isn't up to snuff. Before you ever make any agreements for shipments of your perishable food products, do your homework about the companies you're interested in. Experienced carriers with a well-maintained, newer model fleet that are completely compliant with federal regulations should always be at the top of your
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