Are You Watching Romantic Comedies? Or Reading Romance Novels?

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Sometimes God asks me to talk about a subject that He is still teaching me Himself. Usually it’s an area of my life that I know needs correction and talking about it will cause me to put myself in a place of vulnerability. Today is one of those days. Friend, there is a tool that the devil has been using in my life and in the lives of many woman for far. too. long. I’m talking about the spirit of discontentment. The enemy uses our thoughts to lure our hearts into a place of discontentment. He WANTS us to questions the Lord. He wants us to be anxious and unhappy. He doesn’t want us to find the peace that God intends for us to have. Areas That The Enemy Attacks Our Marriage: Are you watching romantic comedies? Or reading romance novels? Do you have friends that encourage conversation that belittles your spouse? Do you play the comparison game and tend to accept nothing short of perfection from your significant other (even though you are far from perfect)? Other than your relationship with God, the person you are married to should be the most important relationship you have. Even if there is just a small area of discontentment in your marriage, it can grow very quickly into huge fights, threatening divorce, and tears cried from a place of dissatisfaction. When things aren’t going like you planned (the way you pictured it when you first got married), when you feel lonely and pushed aside, seeing someone on Facebook or TV portray “the perfect life with their perfect spouse”
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