Are the Children in Good Hands

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QuinNisha Hurt Mark Gatlin ENGL 110C 26 April 2010 Flaws in the System The requirements for foster parents are not adequate enough to ensure that the children are in good hands. Foster care is when a child is provided with a temporary family life. Children that are placed in foster care are neglected, abused, or removed due to extreme circumstances that occur in the household. Social services play an important role on selecting the right foster parents for the children. To become a foster parent there are many requirements and regulations necessary to place the child in the right temporary custody. Some minimum requirements to become a foster parent include that you have to be at least twenty-one years old, be free of…show more content…
The only exception allowed should be if a twenty one year old wants to take in a biological brother or sister. The risk of allowing younger adults to become foster parents is the short age difference. It’s very common for younger children to be attracted or have little crushes on younger adults close to their age, but when younger adults are attracted to underage children, that’s when the problem occur. There are younger adults and older adults who want to become foster parents are not applying for the financial gain or any other incentive but to sexually abuse a child. A single twenty-four year old man was indicted for raping one of his foster sons in 1995 (Incentives to Foster Parents). His sick obsession with younger children drove him into becoming a foster parent solely to get his hands on younger children. Not all younger foster parents are not like this man, but the age difference needs to be raised to at least twenty-seven to decrease the chance of something like that from happening again. Increasing the age difference also ensures that the younger adults’ maturity level is higher. In Virginia, prospective foster parents can’t house over six children under the age of eighteen. With that many children under one roof, the children are not getting enough one on one time with the foster parent. The child would feel lost in the crowd, neglected, and not important. This requirement should be
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