Are the Natural Sciences More Reliable Sources of Knowledge Than Social Sciences?

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Are the natural sciences more reliable sources of knowledge than social sciences? Introduction ADDIN EN.CITE Ledoux2002392Ledoux (2002)39239217Ledoux, S. F.Defining Natural SciencesBehaviorology TodayBehaviorology Today34-36512002 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_7" o "Ledoux, 2002 #392" Ledoux (2002) defines natural sciences as the scientific disciplines which deal with the naturally-occurring events and use scientific methods to study, understand and explain them. The natural sciences seek to create an understanding of the various natural phenomena in the world and how they work. Through the natural sciences, scientists use astronomy, chemistry, biology, physics and earth sciences to explain the worldly phenomenon and create practical applications for concepts and methods. They are a part of the applied sciences and encompass natural history. Scientists use natural sciences by relying on experimental and quantifiable data to create accuracy and objectivity in their studies. ADDIN EN.CITE Becker1978395Becker (1978)3953956Becker, G.S.The Economic Approach to Human Behavior1978ChicagoUniversity of Chicago Press9780226041124 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_2" o "Becker, 1978 #395" Becker (1978) argues that natural science is marked by changing views of the world which were introduced by thinkers in the Renaissance period. These thinkers questioned the earlier explanations of naturally-occurring phenomenon which led to the more systematic methods
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