Are there multiple selves? Essay

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Are there multiple selves or, just one essential self?
Walking around with a crowd inside our brief case might seem a bit radical when we fundamentally have one heart, one mind, one body. But in reality we entwine that self we have contained, into a myriad of selves flourishing our personality to a question-less clique. Essentially we are many in one, just like earth: having one earth with many selves in it: one galaxy with many planets and so on and so forth. The way things are perceive are inherently the way we want to decipher our environment and based on that comes the abstract element we want to partake. With experiments done by Gazzaniga, such a reality can be issued as well as “The Consciousness of Self” by William James supporting
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Gazzaniga states that each of our selves think for themselves: “These adaptations each have their own representation…” that they think for themselves but essentially come collectively through one thresh hole also known as the body (38). Thinking that we have just one “self” might seem a bit logical but truthfully the “brain generates…in all of us that we are integrated and unified” from those many ideas and actions in our ambiance (Gazzaniga 38). We essentially collect our many selves through our one body and portrayed to the audience in front of us.
Based off of Gazzaniga’s ideas and experiments, Woolf constructs a supporting argument about how we have indifferent and multiple selves within our body. While researching Gazzaniga, Woolf states that after all, they came to a conclusion that: “each lobe had a unique self, a distinct being with its own desires, talents, and sensations” (Leher 178). The way we depict these unique selves and distinct being all come through our one body. With having multiple selves Woolf sought that the way we activated these self was by the “act of attention” that “some sensations are ignored, while others are highlighted” (Leher 181). Yet again returning to the idea of having more than one self, compared to a single self essentially stating that with all the research and experiments done, there could only be one possible explanation, which is having
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