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“I can’t do this anymore!” exclaimed one of my cadets back in JROTC. “I have tried so many times to do my left and right faces, but I never can them right; I give up.” Come on Cadet Johnson you can do it, cheered his squad, you can do it! Woo-rah! The squad cheered and screamed. JROTC is a high school military program that uses encouragement and community to raise young leaders. Sometimes when you are trying to do something and you can’t and you just want to give up, a little support of some sort will go a long way. That support helps you to succeed, at what you once thought you never could do. Sometimes to be motivated you need words of encouragement, others to have faith in you, a sense of accomplishment and a desire to succeed in life. In life sometimes you need some words of encouragement to motivate you to achieve whatever it is that you want to excel in. For instance, I am addicted to the game Candy Crush, and every time I beat a level, it gives me words of encouragement such as “Way to go,” “Alright.” Those simple words encourage me to do more levels, just as in the essay “Gaming Can Make a Better World,” by Jane McGonagall. The author discusses how positive feedback is good and how it encourages others to excel and do better. This encouragement also builds up self-esteem. She gives the example of how when you are playing a game and you receive positive feedback it encourages you to do well. Another time is when; I first started this semester I had a meeting with my
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