Area and Oasis Blocks

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Internal Assesment - Task 2C
In this experiment I am investigating the relationship between surface area and the volume of a model cactus and to determine whether this relationship affects the loss of water.
We used oasis blocks, an absorbant material used by florists as a substitute for a cactus, that would soak up the water, and thus ideally show the percentage water loss by weighing the before and after evaporation weights.

Independent Variable
The independent variable is the total surface area for each size of the blocks and I think this will affect the dependent variable as larger blocks, I hypothesize, will have less water loss by evaporation as there is less surface area for it, as opposed to the smaller (2cm x 2cm x 2cm)
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It can be seen from my results that, apart from the anomaly of the second point, which could have occurred for a number of reasons (see Evaluation), that the surface area does affect the percentage loss of water. My results could be more reliable if the tests were repeated and errors were analyzed after each experiment, however I believe that it is shown in my graph that the relationship between the dependent and independent variable is obvious.

My conclusion, based on my graph, cannot be entirely correct, as my results were anomalous due to a number of interferences with this experiment. Firstly, I think that by doing this
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