Areas of Control and Interest in the Application of Integrity and Ethics in Research Done by Ph.D Students

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Introduction Research, doctoral or otherwise, is essential in all disciplines in order to continue to progress in the field and to improve practices. However, researchers must take care of conducting their research with the outmost care, following strict ethical principles and with integrity. Northcentral University holds its students to the upmost standards in ethical and professional practices in order to prepare the student for publishable scholarly writing. The question of ethical practices and integrity in research has been in place for centuries. However, violations s still occur, which is why it is important that researchers at all levels continue to discuss and learn about the topic and keep it in the forefront of any research…show more content…
It is important to note that the responsible researcher will be very meticulous in avoiding any possible negative effects that he study could bring to any participant. For this reason, prior to starting the study, the researcher must hypothesis on any possible scenario that could occur, predict possible consequences and adjust the study to eliminate the negative effects it could render the participants. It is also important that the participants have the opportunity to ask questions before and after the study. When communicating with possible participants. It is essential to be very clear about their participation expectation and outline effects predicted by the researcher. For example, if the research requires the participation of individuals for six uninterrupted hours, while this may not be a negative effect, the participants must be aware that they will not be able to leave until the six hours if they plan on participation in the study. In addition, when providing the written consent, a legal disclaimer should be included to protect both the participants and the researcher. In addition, it is essential that the researcher is aware not only of the international guidelines that may govern the ethical practices but also the local, cultural restrictions that may be of a sensitive nature but highly relevant in keeping the research ethical yet maintaining the integrity of its

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