Areas of Human Technology and Human-Computer Technology

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Summary Description The SIGCHI is a special interest group which is part of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) dedicated to being a premier international society for academics, students and professionals studying the advanced topics of human technology and human-computer interaction (HCI) (ACM, 2012). The website is rich with content in the fields of human-computer technology and its role across industries in streamlining the development and launch of state-of-the-art systems and technologies. The goals of the website is well-organized and designed for ease of access and use by a wide range of users, from students and academicians to professionals designing systems and software using these technologies. Overall Look & Feel and Apparent Target Audience The website is well-organized and has a wide range of subject categories and menus, and also includes a large amount of white space, making the entire site easily navigated and used. There is also a well-defined series of columns for navigating to areas of interest, and also gaining access to more advanced subjects on the site. The use of banner ads and announcements or events is also extensively used on the site, making it useful as a means to find information in human-factors engineering and the latest development efforts in this area. Navigation also links back to the ACM site and provides useful cross-links for navigating through the entire series of sites that comprise this organizations' web presence.
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