Arent You Happy for Me

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It is very common for parents, even after their children have started their own lives, to try and continue to tell their children how to live their lives. They may always tell their children “you need to learn from your own mistakes”, but when it comes down to it, they want to keep their children from possibly making the same mistakes they did. In the short story, “ Aren’t you Happy for Me?” by Richard Bausch, Melanie’s father, Jack, is not too thrilled about the idea of his young daughter marrying a much, much older man. Later in the story, we learn that Jack is divorcing Melanie’s mother. Jack overacts about his daughter news of being pregnant and marrying an older man to avoid discussing his own divorce and because he is afraid …show more content…
Jack makes fun of Melanie’s future husband and asked random questions to keep the conversation going. First, he tells her that William is nineteen years older than him. He even calls him granddaddy and questions her on how old William is going to be when her baby turns ten. Furthermore, Jack asked William out of nowhere if he smokes. He asked him that question to see if he responded yes so he can make another argument. According to Bausch, “He sat down in his kitchen and tried to think of something else to say” (89). This demonstrates how Jack wants to keep the conversation going in order to prevent talking about the problems within his marriage. However, he takes it too far and hurts Melanie’s feelings. All throughout the conversation he is thinking about himself and what to say to avoid talking about his problem but he doesn’t realize that what he is saying hurts Melanie’s feeling because that is the man she loves that he is making fun of. Jack is afraid Melanie’s marriage can end up in failure and that she will eventually stay lonely like him. At this point in his life Jack feels lonely because he is about to go through a divorce with his wife. Then, he finds out that his daughter is pregnant and is getting married; consequently, this worries him because he doesn’t want Melanie’s marriage to end up like his. He feels that by Melanie marrying a man older than her the relationship isn’t going

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