Argentina Genocide

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Argentina War Torture centres There was court investigated crimes against 200 opponents of the military regime in six illegal detention centers in Buenos Aires, One of the crimes was a kidnapping of a man named Jacobo Timerman who was tortured by electric shocks, beatings and solitary confinement in the years he was held illegally. The prosecutor said Jaime Smart was a leading factor in the persecution of opponents in the military. The illegal detention centers were run in police stations under his command. During the seven year military rule, an estimated 30,000 people were kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the junta.…show more content…
She was forced to work in the basement, translating into Spanish articles on the military regime that appeared in English and French newspapers; others wrote military biographies, forged documents and filmed propaganda videos. As they worked, inmates in adjacent rooms were tortured with water and electric cattle prods, their shouts sometimes muffled by loud music. Inside Argentina Camps In 1977 Nilda “Munu” Goretta was walking home from work on a busy street in downtown Buenos Aires when members of the Argentinean Military Death Squad blindfolded her from behind and shoved her into a nearby car. She wasn’t seen or heard from for 13 months. During the height of Argentina’s seven-year military dictatorship Munu lived as a political prisoner in the torture center, ESMA. In order to maintain control, the junta organized a system to eliminate any threats to the new government. Anyone who expressed the slightest sympathies for leftist politics would vanish without a trace. The general public was not aware of the concentration camps. ESMA operated as the navy mechanical school in the center of the city, but beneath its deceitful concrete exterior was a basement death camp where thousands of political prisoners, including pregnant women, were brutally tortured and killed. Munu is one of the few who narrowly survived. Each time she was taken by guards from her
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