Argo: Accurate or Nonsense?

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Yet there are always overused topics that after a while tires even the people of Hollywood out; that might be why every so often they decided to do a history piece. History films have topics that are hardly ever used twice, after all you get the entire information out the first time so why make another film about it. Thats why history films have such harsh critics, the films can only be given one grade of either amazingly well done or worst piece to date there is never an in between. Though it all comes down to how accurately the facts are presented after all in this era people primarily learn through films, even if we know not to believe all that Hollywood tells us. Its for that reason I think the film ARGO deserves to have the subtitle “based on a true story”. After all the overwhelming amount of facts greatly counteract the Hollywood drama additives. The biggest accurate piece of the move is actually entire plot, that the CIA saved hostages out of Iran by pretending to be a Hollywood film crew. It is such an outrageous fact that many would believe that would be one Hollywood liberty taken and yet the real Tony Mendez swears those moments are true. That the CIA spent money to “...create a fake movie and production company...set up an office...print fake business cards, held a party at a Los Angeles nightclub and took out film ads” (Washington Times)…

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