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Movie: Argo

The movie Argo is based on the true story. In the history the story is known as the Canadian Caper. The movie is about how the production of a fake sci-fi movie was used to rescue 6 Americans from the Canadian ambassador 's house in Teheran in 1980 after they were able to flee from the American embassy when Iranian militants stormed it in 1979.

It all started in 1950, when the Iranian people elected Mohammad Mosaddegh as prime minister. He nationalized Iranian oil industry, which was under British control since 1913. This way the Iranian population was in charge again over the Iranian oil. But in 1953 Masaddegh was removed from power through cooperation between the American CIA and the British MI6. Mahammed Reza Pahlavi
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From now on the whole office couldn’t do anything else than hoping and wait. At the airport the 7 were able to pass the passport checkpoint even though they didn’t have the immigration forms but then they were hold up at the security shortly before they got towards the boarding area. This was the most dangerous moment because now they had to sell their story and make those security guys believe it. It took them forever and the security even called the office of the fake movie company in Hollywood to reassure the story they were told. After that they let those 7 pass through even though they were still suspicious. They made their flight in the last second and when they were boarding the plane the militants at the airport identified one of them as one of the 6 embassy refugees and tried to stop the plane but it was too late. The plane took off and the 6 were safe. Back in the US Mendez and the Canadian ambassador and his wife were celebrated as heroes.

The movie Argo was released in 2012 but they started filming in August 2011 and the idea

of it even already came up in 2007. Now it’s possible to think that the filming location of the movie was Iran but that’s not true. They used several locations in some parts of California and as well
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