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“Scenes from the Story Argonauts” by Biagio D'Antonio and Jacopo del Sellaio is a two panel painting that describes many scenes from the story Jason and The Argonauts. The Argonauts were the people who sailed on the ship Argo. Many of the episodes in the panel came from the epic poem Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes. The first panel display nine scenes and it ends on the right corner where Jason and the Argonauts departure for Colchis in the ship Argo. In the second panel the stories continue on the left where we see the Argo and Jason and the Argonauts arrival in Colchis. In the upper right of the panel where the story begins king Pelias charges his nephew Jason to retrieves from the Golden fleece. Here we see the king sitting on his throne and Jason holding his hands. King Pelias is later murdered by his own daughter in the…show more content…
There are greeted by King Aeetes and his two daughters. The king and his daughters ride on a beautiful gold and white triumphal chariot. Above the king and his daughters, there is a spiral building with black and white circular pattern on the floor, where Jason slays the dragon and stole the fleece. The right-side scene shows a castle with concrete stairs. This is when Aeetes send his son in pursuit. Later, Aeetes son is seen riding in hustle across the castle-bridge. The artists should the hustle in the painting by showing his hat flying off his head. The left background shows when Jason and Media returns from Iolcus. The two panels are beautifully painted with a variety of colors. Space is essential in the painting in order for the scene to be understandable. Even though, the artists depicted about eight episodes per panel, they were still able to incorporate nature; the sea, trees and animals. In both panel the sky and other islands are clearly visible. The two engaged molding panels are great paintings because there are very detail and
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