Essay about Arguement Against the Use of School Uniforms

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School Uniforms Many kids at their school do not like their uniforms or rules on school clothes.50% of students and parents on say no to school uniforms.“ Uniforms ugh, this is by a TEN YEAR OLD. Uniforms,you can be a bully target with uniforms.” This was by a real person on stating their opinion on uniforms. I personally agree because i have seen kids at the school I go to be bullied because they have a stain on their shirt, but they have to wear it because it’ school policy. Overall many kids can be bullied because of uniforms and that can cause suicide and and leave a family wanting to do something about it but can’t. Something needs to be done because of this horrible effect. Many uniforms can cost a lot of money. “ For students that are already getting free and reduced lunch should not be FORCED to buy uniforms.” 53% say yes uniforms are a financial burden to poor families. I spent 30$ buying new clothes for school and that was very hard for my mom because we needed that money for groceries. I had perfectly good clothes before. Buying new clothes for school can be a financial burden for many families. Like my family. My school has problems with students dis-obeying the school clothing policies. I found out that other schools have problems like my school too. “ Parents, you must take back control and help your children understand the rule on uniforms.” Obviously this person is aggravated by…

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