Arguement Analysis on Cultural Appropriation

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Argument Analysis “Perhaps the most intangible aspect of Native peoples’ existence is compromised within [tribal] stories” (Tsosie 302). In society today we are seeing the growth of other cultures being incorporated into the fashions trends, movies, and in commercial use. The term, “cultural appropriation”, comes into use when discussing the problems Native Americans face in society today. It is defined as “the taking- from a culture that is not one’s own-of intellectual property, cultural expressions or artifacts, history and the ways of knowledge” (Tsosie 310). Cultural appropriation today under the liberal tradition follow these suppositions “if non-Indians want to dress up like Indians and imitate Indian religion, then they should…show more content…
The problem about property among land isn’t the only thing, they also argue about the right to intellectual property. Indians want the right to control who can tell their stories and who can use their symbols as well as who can practice their religion (Tsosie 310). The United States under the constitution gives people the freedom to practice which ever religion they want as long as there is no human sacrifices. Natives claim that people misuse their religion. Another issue that comes up is how the culture is portrayed within the media and how people use their culture for “business” purposes. In movies, many stereotypes arise among these cultures. They are portrayed as either “noble” or “bloodthirsty” savages (Tsosie 308). For example, Jeep “Cherokee” is a car brand. Cherokee is a Native American tribe. Natives also claim that people are using their rituals and healing traditions for business purposes. “It is sold, exploited, probed, catalogued and controlled by outsiders in many different markets, both economic and intellectual” (Tsosie 311,312). Individuals sell the medicines and traditions for “spiritual services” (Tsosie 312). With people appropriating the culture for their own benefit Native American people get nothing out of it and it brings harm to them economically and culturally. Cultural appropriation has been affecting Native American cultural. People try to take control of what isn’t theirs. Whether its intellectual or physical

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