Arguement for the Use of Uniforms in Schools

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Judging people by the way they look like is a huge factor in the downfall of today’s hypocritical society. Judging interferes with the perception of a person and causes misconception of the person capability. Take school for instance you have your different cliques in different groups of people that separate themselves from one another based on what they look like, the hobbies they enjoy and even their economic status. School-age children in particular judge their peers by the way they dress. The way children judge one another is based on different types and brands of clothes they wear each and every day. A popular girl knows what off brand jeans or a retail stores clothing looks like and they will judge the people that wear them, and this allows for the judgment to begin. I believe that school uniforms should be set in place for all local schools in Scioto County. This will allow children to feel equal and the same and not feel as if they're being judged every single day. This will promote education equality for each and every student and a lot more students will be able to feel welcome in their school. Lastly, this will not discriminate children against one another due to the clothes that they wear that they can afford. Therefore I strongly believe that school uniforms should be required because it allow kids to not judge one another based on social economic statuses, it will permit education throughout the schools and it will allow equality for all students and
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