Arguing a Position/ Medical Marijuana Essay

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Medical Marijuana Arguing a Position Jon Doe May 7, 2006 English 101 Jane Doe The cannabis plant (marijuana) has been used medicinally by a variety of cultures around the world. It was used as medicine in the United States until when a new tax fee led to its discontinued use. Congress has voted on several bills to legalize the medical use of marijuana; however none of those bills were passed. In June 2005 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that federal laws against marijuana, including its medical use, are valid. The government has authorized few research studies into the health effects of medical marijuana. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved…show more content…
Smoked marijuana can give rapid relief from such suffering to some patients, quickly improving such patients' comfort and quality of life, a trial course of smoked marijuana should be a medical option. Instead the government will squander a golden opportunity to gain the knowledge that keeps us from legalizing a drug that can be greatly beneficial to the American people. The U.S. Government also claims that marijuana is bad for the immune system. Studies prove otherwise; the short-term effects of smoked marijuana did not seem to be unsafe in people with HIV infection. Patients inhaling marijuana had improved immune function compared with those receiving a placebo. They also gained weight which is a common problem with HIV patients. Medical marijuana helped these patients with their pain, showed signs of improvement in the patient’s immune systems, and even helped them increase their appetite so they could gain weight. Again what little testing that has been done has been positive, and the government has no proof that marijuana is more life threatening than America’s over the counter drugs. Another issue raised is that we would be setting a bad example for our children legalizing marijuana. It sets a bad example for our children. That sounds like a real cop out to me, since when is the government

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