Arguing the Future

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You Got Mail Communication has a big role in our lives. As humans, our means of communication develops. Before technology existed we would use mail, symbols, or music to send messages. Sharing information that keeps business and factories running, helping people in trouble, paying bills, transportation, and food supplies, and more. If people continue to rely on text messages and email to communicate, then people would run the risk of never really being understood, which creates the potential for unnecessary conflict. During the past, daily planners determined communication and it is still evolving as a whole new level to communicate to one another. Communication has been emphasized in the future. The field of communication has always…show more content…
It is the most common way to for people to talk to one another. A poll from a MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle believes that when texting in an apology or calling to “say ‘I’m sorry’ and hitting send” – is an example of what is lost when we type instead of speaking, a full-scale apology has been bypassed. Text messaging clearly is here to stay but it is recommended to avoid entirely. Too much texting would lead to miscommunications, and “hiding in plain sight” that would keep a person entirely alone. Texting is considered to be rude and intrusive, but it is also personal and has given the level of personalization that goes into the text message. Messaging has given mixed results in terms of getting the message across from one person to another without leading into a conflict. Interaction is limited; with the limitation it is difficult to exchange information over SMS or MMS. With the characters limited, people use shortcuts that are mostly misread. Text messaging has both its ups and downs, it is clearly stated that text messaging is here to stay and it is the most popular way to interchange information in a device. It issued from companies, marketing, and advertising purposes. But with too much text messaging, there would be less face-to-face interactions and the message from on person to another would not get through clearly
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